Chinese Numerology Made Fun And Easy

Numbers in Chinese culture play a large part in their practices and beliefs.

Chinese Numerology Made Fun and Easy - Psychic Readings Guide

Generally numbers will be considered auspicious or inauspicious based on its homophones, or any word play that can be done with it.

What other words a number sounds like will generally indicate if it is considered good luck or not.

Other countries who use Chinese characters such as Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, also have similar suspicions.

Below is what each number could generally mean.


0 is considered to be the beginning of all things. It is considered an auspicious number because it sounds similar to their word for ‘good’.

  • What it could mean for me: That new beginnings will soon come to you. There are limitless possibilities to what it may bring.


While 1 can be good because it is given to those in the first place, in Chinese numerology it is more neutral. This is because it is associated with loneliness or being single. So much so that November 11th is known as Singles Day.

  • What it could mean for me: Maybe take some time to be independent. Focus on yourself and what makes you happy.


There is an old Chinese saying that ‘good things come in pairs’, due to this the number 2 is associated with luck. It also sounds similar to the words for ‘easy’ and ‘bright’.

  • What it could mean for me: That happiness is coming to you as long as you have a positive attitude.


3 is an important number in feng shui because it represents the three stages of a person’s life: birth, marriage, and death. The pronunciation of 3 is similar to ‘life’ or ‘to live’.

However it can be considered unlucky in that it also sounds similar to ‘part ways’ or ‘to split’, due to this you will rarely see this number be used during romantic gestures. 

  • What it could mean for me: You’re going to progress into a new stage in life.


4 is considered to be the unluckiest of all the numbers. This is because it sounds the same as the word for ‘death’.

Similar to how we treat the number 13 (Also Check Out What The Angle Number 1313 Means) in western society, Chinese buildings will completely omit the 4th floor from their buildings.

They also include any numbers with a 4 in it, for example the 14 floor will also be gone.

  • What it could mean for me: You need to be cautious going forward. It could also be a sign that something bad has happened.


In Chinese, 5 sounds like ‘me’ so it is usually paired with other numbers. 53 means ‘my life’, 54 (Also check out What The Angel Number 545 Means) means ‘my death’, and 58 means ‘me prosper’.

It is also associated with the 5 Chinese elements: earth, fire, water, wood and metal.

When you see 5 written down multiple times it is usually to indicate the onomatopoeia of whimpering or crying.

  • What it could mean for me: It might be time to find comfort from those around you.


Another lucky number, 6 is generally used for good fortune in businesses. This is because in Cantonese it sounds like good fortune or happiness.

6 also sounds like ‘slick’ or ‘smooth’ so it indicates that everything is going well.

Chinese Numerology Made Fun and Easy - Psychic Readings Guide
  • What it could mean for me: You’re heading down the right path in life and you are due a smooth journey.


While 7 sounds like ‘even’, so can be considered good for relationships.

Generally, 7 is considered an inauspicious number. This is because the 7th month of the year is considered ghost month.

Ghost month is where ghosts arrive from the lower realm (hell) to seek food and entertainment.

  • What it could mean for me: You could soon find yourself lucky in relationships. It might also mean that you should reminisce over what is gone.


8 is considered the luckiest number in Chinese numerology. It generally means ‘to prosper’ or ‘make good fortune’.

You will see the number 8 feature everywhere, a prime example is the 2008 Beijing Olympics in which the opening ceremony took place on the 8th August and started at 8 o’clock China Standard Time.

People will even pay extra money to get a phone number, license plate or a house number with an 8 in it.

The number 88 is considered double fortune and will be used in many designs.

  • What it could mean for me: Good fortune and wealth is soon to come your way.


9 sounds similar to ‘long lasting’ or ‘eternal’, because of this the number 9 will feature in weddings.

It was also associated with the Emperor of China. There was a 9 rank system, 9 bestowments, 9 familial exterminations, 9 dragons on the Emperor’s coat, and in Chinese mythology the dragon had 9 children.

  • What it could mean for me: You’re going to be prosperous in finding true love.

Some Number Combinations And What They Mean


  • 168 – Fortunate all the way.
  • 1314 – One life, one lifetime. It is used in reference to forever in romantic relationships.
  • 520 – I love you.
  • 5201314 – I love you for a lifetime.
  • Any 3 digits that end in 48 means ‘wealthy for X lifetimes’. For example 948 means ‘wealthy for 9 lifetimes’.
  • 518 – I am going to prosper.
  • 1988 – Make a fortune forever.
  • 1366 – All life flowing.


  • 514 – I want to die.
  • 5354 – Not alive, not dead.
  • 7456 – You’re making me angry.
  • 9413 – 90% chance of being dead, 10% chance of surviving.
  • 748 – Go die or get lost.
  • 250 – Half stupid or insane.


As you can see numerology can be traced across many cultures, and what is considered lucky in some, is unlucky in others.

Generally for Chinese numerology, 8 is as fortunate as you can get, whereas 4 is considered very unlucky.

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