11 Hamsa Hand Meanings: What Does The Hand With The Eye Mean?

Have you seen a Hamsa hand before but were uncertain of what it meant? Then don’t worry.

11 Hamsa Hand Meanings: What Does The Hand With The Eye Mean?

You’ll have seen different accounts of what the Hamsa hand can do, but we’ve compiled a list of 11 meanings of this symbol. If you see it in your dreams, you’ll want to know what it symbolizes and how it affects you.

If you see someone wearing a Hamsa hand, you’ll know that it has different meanings in different cultures. In Christianity, it is aligned with the five books of the Torah, while it has the power to heal in Native American cultures.

One thing that can be agreed on is that the Hamsa hand can protect you from negative energies that are in your way. So if you see someone wearing one, you should know what it means. 

1. Creativity

The Hamsa hand’s design is made from a series of intricate carvings, which is in itself a sign of creativity. It’s no surprise that by carrying the Hamsa hand with you, you’ll be able to inspire yourself with creative ideas.

If you’re creative, then I would recommend having one with you. After all, it will give you a hand with enhancing your creativity, whether you want to for recreation or your career.

2. Courage

There are signs that the Hamsa hand invokes courage and confidence. If you’re going through a period where you’re uncertain about taking the next step out of fear, then the Hamsa hand can help you reach out and dare to take the next step.

Rest assured, when facing your fears, the Hamsa hand will guide you. 

3. Diligence

Some reports state that the Hamsa hand can help inspire you to be more diligent about your activities. If you’ve been procrastinating or struggling to get inspiration, the Hamsa hand can help you.

You’ll soon find that your work ethic will improve, and your resolve will harden to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

4. Good Fortune

4. Good Fortune

The Hamsa hand is said to bring good fortune if you wear it or dream of it. It doesn’t hurt to look upon the hand if you’re falling upon hard times, as it even helps improve your luck.

While it may not work immediately, you’ll find more opportunities will become available to you to help you get back on your feet. 

5. Healing

If you’re ill, be it mentally or physically, you’ll find that the Hamsa hand may help you bring about the end of your sickness or at least improve it. While it may not work for chronic illnesses, you’ll find that the Hamsa hand may improve your symptoms.

Those struggling with depression and anxiety may find that a Hamsa hand appearing in your dream may be a sign of healing. In fact, in Native American cultures, the Hamsa hand is said to wield healing powers and will bring you relief. 

6. High Spiritual Sensitivity

The Hamsa hand has a divine ability that can heighten your spiritual sensitivity. How? The answer is through the eye of the Hamsa hand, much like the Eye of Horus.

The Eye of Horus itself represents a spiritual meaning of higher intuition. If you’re struggling with your spiritual sensitivity, a Hamsa hand may help you connect with your spiritual side. 

7. Money

While many believe that good fortune will immediately link to money, that is not the case. The Hamsa hand is popular among entrepreneurs, as good fortune and luck will often lead to more wealth.

Depending on how you fall upon hard times, you can always invoke the power of the Hamsa hand to help you gather more luck for your earnings. 

8. Protection

The Hamsa hand carries the power to protect you from negative energy. The hand itself faces upwards as though blocking you from those same energies.

To emphasize this, the eye of the Hamsa hand can keep watch for any negative scenarios. If you feel anxious about a situation, wearing a Hamsa hand can help you feel safer in a situation where you would otherwise feel worried.

9. Spiritual Knowledge

The Hamsa hand is believed to be aligned to the five books of Torah in Christianity. Thus, it carries a divine power to help you improve your spiritual knowledge.

By enhancing your spiritual wisdom, you should be able to better understand religious texts and concepts you wouldn’t have before.

An enhancement of your spiritual knowledge will help you become more spiritually aware and help you better understand yourself too. 

10. Strength

Strength is a significant symbol of the Hamsa hand and can help you thrive under any circumstances. You’ll find that you feel empowered and capable of achieving anything that you so wish.

If there are dreams that you want to achieve, then the Hamsa hand will help you by lifting you when you need to. If the Hamsa hand appears in your dreams, you may feel a burst of strength that will help you face anything in your path.

11. Victory

Overall, the Hamsa hand is a sign of victory. If you want to succeed, wearing a Hamsa hand around your neck may be a perfect choice. Everyone faces challenges differently, but a Hamsa hand can help you confront the negative energies that impede your progress.

So many people have reported that their dreams of a Hamsa hand have helped them overcome their spiritual enemies, and by wearing one, you’ll be able to show a symbol of victory.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s nothing to fear if you see the Hamsa hand in your dreams. It has links to luck, prosperity, and wealth, so there are no doubts about utilizing this in your day-to-day life.

Regardless of what you’re facing, the Hamsa hand will be able to help you endure the challenges of everyday life and protect you from the negative energies around you.

It doesn’t matter what you face, knowing that the Hamsa hand will guide you and ensure you reach your desired level of success.

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