How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

Suppose you’ve ever wanted to find out what the inner characteristics of your soul are and don’t like the idea of overgeneralized traits from other sources.

In that case, numerology could be for you.

How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

This can make finding a relationship more straightforward as all you need to know is the person’s name, and you can use this method to find out their soul urge number. 

This can help you determine if the person is the right fit for you and determine what traits are most important to you. If you like the idea of this type of numerology and want to find happiness, read on to find out more.

What Is A Soul Urge Number?

Also known as the heart’s desire, this number is based on the vowels in your full name and is one of the five core numbers that can be found in your reading.

These include your life path number, your expression number, your personality number, and the number we’re looking at, your heart’s desire number.

You might find all these or look for a specific aspect of your being, such as how others perceive you, which would come under the personality number.

Your soul urge number can reveal to you your underlying motivations or the intentions behind many of your actions and can influence the choices you make in life, and, likely, its reach is almost everywhere.

It can extend to your surroundings, relationships, and career, so it will be worth knowing if you decide that you want some clarity.

How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

This is a simple calculation where you take your full name and add up the vowels until you reach a number, and the values assigned to A and I are 1, E is 5, U is 6, and O is 7, so let’s now look at a working example.

For this example, we’re going to use the name Adam John Parker, so we can start with the first name, which would give us 2, the middle name would be 7, and the last name would be 6.

So now we add 2 + 7+ 6= 15, and to get a single-digit number, we can add 1+ 5= 6, which would be your soul urge number.

The only thing that could complicate this calculation is if you have the letter y in your name, as even though it’s seen as a consonant, there are some cases where it can also act as a vowel.

In numerology, the basic rule is when the letter serves as a vowel and sounds like one, it’s considered a vowel, and this is also true when the Y serves as the only vowel in the syllable.

How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

Examples of this are names such as Mary, Betty, Elly, and Bryan, and if the Y doesn’t provide a separate vowel sound when coupled with another vowel, it’s considered a consonant and, if used, is given the value of 7.

What Does My Soul Urge Number Mean?

Soul Urge 1

These people are highly ambitious, have strong leadership skills, and are willing to work hard to be a leader in whatever field they enter.

These people don’t like routines or anything that limits their freedom and independence, but it’s all about maintaining that balance in your life.

Soul Urge 2

These people appreciate the refinements of life and desire comfort and security as these sensitive souls can have a highly developed intuition.

These people like to accomplish things through quiet persuasion and are afraid of confrontation, especially if that person has different views.

Soul Urge 3

These people are generally happy, friendly, outgoing, witty, creative, and playful.

These people can be considered great companions and like to self-express in creative ways but have difficulty expressing deeper feelings and important personal thoughts.

Soul Urge 4

These people like orderliness in all things and dislike sudden changes but are exacting with details and are quite thorough if they are presented with a problem.

These people tend to make their work central to their lives and tend to overdo it but are generally dependable people who show strength and set a good example.

Soul Urge 5

These people enjoy change, new experiences, and those exotic and far away places, as they are highly flexible and adaptable.

However, this means that these people can be irresponsible when finishing tasks and sometimes overindulge in life’s pleasures. Still, they really want to please everyone, which can be an impossible goal.

Soul Urge 6

These people are domestically minded and love their homes and family, which they work hard to maintain and secure.

The desire to help others sometimes sees these people sacrificing their personal needs to help others and sometimes become too involved in personal matters.

Soul Urge 7

These people value the gifts of their minds that they use to penetrate the mysteries of life. You search beneath the surface of things and don’t like shallow judgments or opinions.

These people like to use facts and disregard emotions and personal feelings.

Soul Urge 8

These people are highly ambitious and see the horizons of promise.

As much as this ambition is, you aren’t especially good with details and may need others to help you deal with the smaller aspects of your ambition. 

Soul Urge 9

These people are perfectionists who strive to advance humanity’s cause and make each person’s life a lot better.

These people are highly intuitive but aren’t good judges of character.


Now you have identified your soul urge number and characteristics, you can begin to work on the aspects that you believe are holding you back, as self-improvement can be a lifelong task.

It can also help you identify what you most value in your relationships, so it can, in a way, lead you in directions you wouldn’t have anticipated otherwise. Thanks for reading.

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