Proof Of Life After Death – 5 Signs That Your Loved Ones In Heaven

Having someone close to us pass can be devastating but knowing that they are up in heaven can make it a lot easier to feel at peace with.

Proof Of Life After Death – 5 Signs That Your Loved Ones In Heaven

Over many, many years, there have been reports from those who have had loved ones pass claim that they see signs that they are still present in their life – even if it is not in the same plain. 

Here are some signs sent from heaven that your loved one is still present after death. 

You Can Sense Them

Fragrance may be one of the most powerful indicators that a departed family member or friend is close. People frequently mention smelling their perfume or cologne. Some claim they can still smell that person’s distinct odor.

There have also been tales of loved ones smelling cigarette smoke while they were alive, as well as smelling specific meals that loved ones used to like eating the most.

Furthermore, the aroma of roses has historical importance. It is the smell associated with Marian festivities. These are occasions when individuals see the Virgin Mary appear.

It’s also the scent noted during angelic visits. Some people claim to smell roses when they sense the presence of a departed loved one.

At times, you may experience the presence of a departed loved one. This sense might be as basic as noticing a change in energy in the room. It may be difficult to articulate, but you may simply know or sense that the person is with you.

Of course, you can’t touch them or pinpoint the source of the sensation. However, it occurs regularly and is frequently a turning moment for most doubters.

They Visit You In Your Dreams

A dream about a departed loved one may contain a unique message. In your dream, your loved one may appear to warn you or congratulate you on something that has happened in your life.

Other times, your loved one announces a happy event, such as a pregnancy, or a sad event, such as a death.

The majority of the time, a departed loved one visits your dream to communicate with you that they are OK and still alive on the other side. Most individuals find this type of communication to be reassuring and hopeful.

Even with so many dreams, when you wake up, you only recall a handful of the previous night’s dreams. Instances of departed loved ones visiting in dreams are a little different in that they are so vivid that they stay with you long after you wake up.

You See Recurring Signs And Symbols

The butterfly is the most usually reported sign from a departed loved one. That makes logical given that butterflies symbolise the human soul in many civilizations. They also represent perseverance, hope, and the life cycle.

In other circumstances, a single butterfly appears to follow a person around or appears again. Some people claim to have been able to keep a butterfly in their hands for extended periods of time.

Aside from butterflies, individuals frequently describe an increase in the number of dragonflies as a sign from dead loved ones.

The change might be as basic as where you live: perhaps butterflies are more abundant, but dragonflies have suddenly appeared, or vice versa.

Changes In Pet Behaviour

Animals seem to be extremely sensitive to spirits. When a ghost is around, pets generally become more vigilant. Your dog may be whimpering for no obvious reason and

might suddenly spring to attention, ears perked up and tail wagging, as if happy to see you. Some cats and dogs may hiss or bark in terror while staring in a certain direction, even though you can’t see anything.

Humans are far superior to dogs in terms of color perception and clarity. However, dogs can sense movement significantly better than humans, which is especially true in low light circumstances.

So, if you believe in ghosts and believe that spirits emerge under the cover of night, dogs would be in a lot better position to see them than people would be.

These are some of the behaviors that individuals have observed in their furry pets while also sensing the presence of a loved one.

Electrical Interference

Electrical Interference

Electrical interferences are a major primary indicator that a departed loved one is among you.

It is thought that spirits must tap into some energy source in order to materialize into the corporeal, and electricity is the most accessible power source.

This symbol can be found in flashing lamps and other lights. Light bulbs may unexpectedly burn out and require replacement.

When a spirit is present, interruptions in electronic equipment, particularly a rapid loss of power in battery-powered equipment and gadgets, are prevalent.

When confronted with ghosts, paranormal investigators say that fresh batteries in their equipment abruptly deplete.

Verifying The Signs

Being able to speak with spirit requires you to not read too much into it, to have confidence that it is them, and to believe that your original assumption about what it may mean or who it could be is more than likely correct.

You may ask for another sign by just asking and being open to receiving a message in any form. We frequently miss it because we were too preoccupied with thinking about it or expecting for it to happen in a specific manner.

Be open-minded and patient. It needs the right mix of energy for them to do it again.


It can be quite daunting when we start to see the signs in this list as we do not fully understand what life is like after death. However, you can find peace in the fact that your loved one is still present, even if they are not there physically. 

It is up to you on whether you make efforts to communicate back to them or not, but until then you can enjoy the fact that they are right there with you.

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