6 Signs From Heaven

If you have lost someone special or close to you then they may be sending you signs and guidance from heaven to show you that they are close by, proud of you, and sending love.

6 Signs From Heaven - Psychic Readings Guide

Knowing what these signs could be will enable you to notice and understand them.

In this guide, we look at 6 signs from heaven that could be someone trying to send a message to you even after they have passed over to the other side.

6 Signs From Heaven

One: Feathers On The Ground Or Falling Near You

If you find that when you are sitting outside or walking along and constantly notice feathers this could be a sign from angels in heaven.

This sign is usually seen by those who have financial worries or worry about providing for their family.

Noticing a feather on the ground or falling in front of you is a sign from a deceased loved one that things will be ok and to keep hope.

Two: Butterflies Staying Close By

Butterflies are beautiful and they are seen as a sign from heaven (Check out What Yellow A Butterfly Symbolizes).

When a butterfly stays close to you, lands on you, or simply fly nearby for some time then this can represent someone in heaven letting you know that something positive is about to happen in your life.

Seeing a butterfly should bring comfort as it could be your loved one showing that you are not alone and that they are by your side.

Three: Finding Coins On The Street

This sign is often referred to as pennies from heaven and this is often your deceased loved ones letting you know that there is hope for your future and that you will become prosperous very soon.

When you find a penny on the street make sure you check the date on the coin as this could help you understand who the sign could be from.

If you don’t recognize the date you should keep the coin as it may be a part of more signs that are coming your way which will help you to understand who is sending you signs from heaven.

Four: Frequent Visits From Birds

Several birds are seen as being signs from heaven, such as cardinals and robins.

Seeing a bird on a date that holds significant importance, such as an anniversary, birthday, or a special event such as a wedding can be a sign from heaven.

A visit from a loved one as a bird shows that they love you and are thinking of you and simply stopping by to see how you are doing.

You may notice that the bird stays close by for a long length of time.

Five: Smelling A Familiar Scent Or Sensing A Presence

After a loved one passes you may find that you will sense their presence or smell them in the days after their passing.

This is a sign from heaven as they check that you are doing ok after losing them.

The scent may not be how the person smelled, it may be a smell of the food they used to cook or other distinctive scents associated with memories that you both shared.

When you sense their presence it may be that they are near you, beside you, or watching you, this can be very comforting in times of darkness.

You may experience these sensations when you are doing an activity you and your loved one did together previously, or you may be in their home.

You may experience these events on anniversaries of their death when they may again come from heaven to show you are not alone.

Six: Having Vivid Dreams

Having a loved one enter your dreams can be a sign that they want to speak to you and so they do so through your subconscious when you are sleeping so you won’t get distracted or pulled away by daily events.

These dreams tend to be very vivid and you will feel as though you can actually touch them.

When you wake you will still feel a sense of closeness to that person, showing that you are not alone and that they are always there for you.

Communicating With A Deceased Loved One

Communicating With A Deceased Loved One

Now that you know how a deceased loved one may communicate with you, you may wonder how you can communicate with them and there are some very simple steps that you can take that will enable you to communicate and send messages to heaven.


Meditating will enable you to connect fully with your soul and a higher purpose, allowing you to send messages to those who have passed that you miss and love.

Bring this person to the forefront of your mind to show them that you are thinking about them now and always.

Write A Letter

Writing a letter will allow you to take the words you wish you could speak and release them onto paper for that person who is no longer with you.

You can decide to burn the letter and allow the smoke to bring the message to heaven or you can place it where they are buried.

Talk To Their Photograph

Speaking to your deceased loved one’s photograph can make you feel that you are communicating with them and this can make you feel connected, even though they are no longer there physically.

Visit Their Burial Site

Visiting where your loved one is buried can give you a physical space where you can go and feel as though you are with them.

Speak to them as they are likely with you and can hear you, even though you cannot see them.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of six of the main signs from heaven you will be able to notice when a loved one may be attempting to communicate with you.

Signs from heaven should not be feared, they are done from a place of love with the aim of bringing comfort and joy to those that have been left on Earth by those in heaven.

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